For, aku seorang binatang jalang

For, I’m a bitch
For you, I’m a bitch
A periphery poet
Life in rebellion
In the days before and after independence
Together with young men with God
Ready to die for justice
Ready died for a victory
Ready die for a glory

Thousands of resistance
Millions with thought
Millions with a machete
Millions with blood sacrifices
Millions with irreplaceable lives

I’m a bitch
Longest alone in the bed rest
Live a thousand years in peace
Leaving a thousand words of struggle
And not obsolete by leadership

Where there is oppression
That’s where your words incite rebellion
Where there is injustice
That’s where your writing is read
To simply ignite the struggle
For a mere forgotten soul burner
From the thirsty youth of learning
And of the generation who forgot about blood and sanctity
Because you’re a bitch
Your verses will not go out on the tombstone
Your poems …

Childhood Games Of The Early 50’s. Outdoor And Indoor Games We Played At Home And

Old School CarHe’s eight years old, loves race vehicles and he enjoys arts and crafts, especially markers, crayons and coloring books. I visited each free race automotive coloring page listed in my suggestions to make sure it’s printable, no-value and hosted on a household-friendly web page.

Jello in bathrooms… gota be loads and gota do it like the night time before… so then when everyone goes in the subsequent day its all jello, do like brown or deep crimson. People might be grossed out. Having married Virginia Crowe, whose grandfather was Sir Eyre Crowe, a British diplomat and main professional on Germany within the Foreign Office, greatest recognized for his 1907, vigorous warning that Germany’s expansionist intentions towards Britain were hostile and had to be met with a more in-depth alliance with France. Colin started his first job as a young lecturer of 27 at the new University of Kent in 1965. …

in the name of the Public – atas nama Rakyat

in the name of the Public

Right and left
What a meaning
What a country
When crazy or sick
When independent or narrow

Local thugs
Sometimes smart sometimes stunned
Stunned with stupidity
And a fool with wickedness
Arrogant with regionalism
Stupid with politeness

Thugs are not thugs if they are polite
Officials are not officials if depraved
On behalf of the people
On behalf of the poor
The families themselves are heavy
Heavy treasure and world
From the sale of the name
On behalf of the people and the poor
And forbidden to piss here except Dogs

Morowali-Sulteng, 161213
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atas nama Rakyat

Kanan dan kiri
Apalah sebuah arti
Apalah sebuah negri
Saat gila atau sakit
Saat merdeka ataupun sempit

Preman-preman lokal
Kadang cerdas kadang bengal
Bengal dengan ketololan
Dan tolol dengan kefasikan
Sombong dengan …

Little Star

Little Star

Early morning
The sky soar
The Night disappears
The Dawn reverberated

My night fell silent
Paint a star
Caressing the ocean

Asleep on the black ground
I stood beside the rainforest
I stared with the night breeze
I fell silent among the paintings
I was silent between the writings
I stand among the clusters of stars
I am with the power of the owner of beauty

Guide my hands
To immortalize you
With paintings
With writing
And with mouth
Through simplicity
Speech one sentence
Interpreting stanzas implied

Molore, Southeast Sulawesi. 290313
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Bintang kecil

Pagi menjelang
Langit menjulang
Malam menghilang
Shubuh berkumandang

Malam ku terdiam
Melukis bintang
Membelai lautan

Terlelap ditanah hitam
ku berdiri disisi hutan hujan
ku menatap bersama angin malam
ku terdiam diantara lukisan-lukisan
ku membisu diantara tulisan-tulisan
ku …


SportsHave you ever thought why people do sports? Absolutely, many individuals appear not to know the reasons. As a anectode, there are various people who do sports for nothing around us. Everyday we will encounter with these people. They usually do sports; nonetheless, none of them realizes the benefits and importance of sports. In reality, vice versa, some people want to be match and enticing, look smart. Unfortunately, these folks can’t think about different benefits of sports. In my opinion, there are several benefits of sports that people typically don’t consider: sports are required to be wholesome individuals, are needed for enjoyment, and are nice marketplace for nations’ economies.

Modern day recreation sources not only give recreation to us but additionally bring a variety of destructive things together with it. In that sense, video games and sports are far better as regards to the harming of our thoughts and values. …