Why you shouldn’t give up on palm oil

Why you shouldn’t give up on palm oil

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You must have heard of or even used palm oil before.  It is one of the most used oils in the world. It is sourced from palm trees that grow across the equator. The palm oil tree has peculiar traits. Leaves of around 5meteres long characterize its trees.

The following are some of the reasons why you should not give up on palm oil.

It is one of the cheapest oils in the world

Palm oil is one of the cheapest in the world. The reason behind its relatively low price is the fact that the main source is efficient crops. The cost of production also isn’t that high. 

Low cholesterol levels

More and more people are becoming health conscious so they take care of what they eat. High levels of cholesterol are among the diseases which are currently affecting so many people in the world. Keeping cholesterol levels in control is one of the benefits of taking palm oil. Compared to other fats and oils, palm oil works faster in ensuring that cholesterol levels remain under control.


Palm has more shelf life compared to other types of oils. The oil is stable at room temperature, and its solidity makes it ideal for both cooking and frying. Its high melting point is the reason why it is highly cost-effective. Most body care products use palm oil in their production. The presence of fat also makes it ideal for makeup, candles, and moisturizers.

Better skin and improved hair health

Palm oil has several health benefits including better skin and healthy hair. Those who have used palm oil on their skins before will attest to this. Palm oil makes your skin well-nourished and helps in removing acne. The presence of vitamin E in palm oil has been certified as responsible for improving the skin.

Hinders progression of heart diseases

Heart diseases are a result of the modern lifestyle.  We can reduce this by ensuring that we eat healthily. Regular consumption of palm oil helps reduce the development of heart diseases. Other things like eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and keeping your stress level in check also help control heart disease development.

EPOA has worked for years to improve palm production and provide the best oils in the market. The demand for palm oil increases every day. They have their work cut out for them, ensuring the social-economic environment is maintained during this massive production. It’s the only way to be sustainable.