Everything about violet glass

Everything about violet glass

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Most people will never have heard of violet glass. It is not very popular because most people have no idea what it is and what it is not good for. In addition, it is not yet available in all stores, but if you want to try it out, there are plenty of options! Are you curious about what violet glass is and what you can do with it? We have listed all the options and benefits here!

What is violet glass?

Violet glass is, as the name implies, a type of glass of a dark purple, violet or indigo color. That does not sound very special of course: we also know green glass, brown glass, etc. and these types of glass are usually not associated with special properties. However, this is the case with violet glass. The color of the glass blocks harmful light rays, and only good UV and infrared rays are transmitted. This does not sound like it should have much effect, but nothing could be further from the truth. Due to the way in which violet glass filters light, the glass has many positive effects on materials that you store in this glass.

What can you do with violet glass?

What violet glass does is filter light rays. Due to the lack of harmful light rays, the glass has a positive effect on products and materials or substances that you store in the glass. Where normally too much light and heat can affect flavors, smells, textures and even inner structures, this happens much less and more slowly through violet glass. This makes violet glass ideal for storing food, but also cosmetic products, for example.

How do I use violet glass?

Although many people are not aware of the powers of violet glass, it is very easily available. For example online at the webshop of Miron glass, the Swiss producer of violet glass. They offer all kinds of sizes of bottles and jars. For example, normal bottles that become narrower at the top are ideal for, for example, oil that you want to pour directly from the bottle. Jars to store cosmetic products such as day cream, for example. But also wide neck jars. The large opening makes them ideal for use as a tea or coffee storage jar, for example.

Are you still not convinced of the effect of violet glass? Try it yourself: keep a bundle of herbs for a while in a bottle of violet glass, and also in a normal or amber glass bottle. After a while she will see that the herbs in the violet glass look a lot better!