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Kurt #2

Yek. . . ! ! !
The last call to a friend
When walking around ignore
The view is straight toward certainty
Did not hear the shouting
Alone leave the reality
Towards one truth
And all back to HIM

Here. . . the reality of bitter life
When I started my own
No lover to accompany
When I stood alone
Many people hate
When I reflect
The world seems to be dead
And all this seems meaningless
Because I understand the true friend

I remembered. . .
All vomit uncertainty
Spread the poetic noise
I threw away all the anger
I erased all the sadness
Grudge all despair
I burned all the disappointments
And I destroyed all the pride of the world
Only with you
Friends, Friend, My True Companion

Now. . .
In the afternoon, March 26, 2007
After that last call
I turned the noise away from him… Read more