<strong>How to create a positive impact on the environment with your company</strong>

How to create a positive impact on the environment with your company

People nowadays are more and more aware of the fragile state of the natural environment of the world. Most people want to buy products that are sustainably created and buy from companies that are eco-friendly. What could you, as a company owner, do to increase your positive effect on the environment?

Small eco-friendly steps

First you start small. Use less paper in your business, buy less redundant products, make everything more digital. This will save you a lot of costs as well, so it is win-win situation. In addition, the things you do have to purchase, need to be sustainable and durable. Teach your staff how to use less redundant products. For example, tell them they should bring their own mug, rather than using paper cups for coffee. Figure out which materials are better for the environment and work together with companies that are eco-friendly. In addition, you could re-use several materials like paper boxes, bags and more.

Create a natural area

Does your company have a rooftop or a garden? Good! You could turn in into a natural area. Place flowers, plants and trees. Not only will your staff be able to relax more due to their natural environment, they will get more oxygen as well. This means, they will be able to focus more on their job. In addition, they will be happier and healthier. So remove the tiles and create a natural area. The employees, the neighbors and different animals will love you for it.

Plant a forest

For bigger companies, it will be a great marketing stunt to create your own forest. Tree planting organizations could help you by achieving this goal. You buy a piece of land, obtain the right permits and hire a company to plant your forest. Make sure you make it a nice park for people to walk in and at the entrance, you place a huge sign with your company‚Äôs name on it. Every time people visit your forest, they will see your name and will be reminded of the fact that you take care of the natural environment in a good way. You may even want to open a shop over there, where you sell beautiful items or you open up a restaurant. In this way you generate extra income for your company, you promote your company every day for free (after the first investment), you create more nature and you create a place where local inhabitants can relax and work on their health. What a great legacy that will be.