Benefits If Physical and Spiritual Our Bodies Health

Benefits If Physical and Spiritual Our Bodies Health

For everyone healthy living is an important thing to be grateful for, if we are sick as rich and as successful as anything will never be able to enjoy it. And be happy when people are given health and life better, especially if his life is used to worship and be grateful for the joy of life. Not infrequently someone crave a healthy body by consulting with a doctor, about how to run a healthy life is good and right. In addition to being a lifestyle this millenia era, healthy living provides many benefits. Here are the benefits of healthy living:

Sleep Quality

Sleep quality is sleep soundly that does not require much time but make body fit when waking up. Sleeping quality will make the body feel fresh, healthy and powerful to undergo daily activities.

Positive thinking

When the body is healthy and not sick we can think positively and clearly in facing various problems and obstacles of life, then our consciousness will be good. When we are sick and consciousness is dropping, the mind will become chaotic and more likely to think negatively and very sensitive so less than the maximum in carrying out daily activities. A poor awareness will make the mindset less good. Therefore, by running a health lifestyle will help your awareness to work optimally, so that the mind becomes positive and will provide benefits to yourself.

Can enjoy life

If your body is physically and mentally healthy, you will live this life with joy and joy. Because every effort you work either pioneered from the beginning or successor family business you can enjoy the results with full sense of pride and happiness. Therefore if your physical and spiritual health is awake, do not forget to give thanks and increase our worship to God the Creator.

More Fresh Appearance and Handsome

Healthy living will help keep your appearance fresher and look younger. Diet maintained, maintained body hygiene, physical health and spiritual stable and cleanliness of the environment both at home and in the work space will make the appearance more fresh and more handsome both in social community and social media instagramable. Frequent exercise will maintain a natural appearance and attract more if you have an athletic body due to the effects of a regular exercise.

Improve the performance

If our body is healthy then daily activities will run smoothly, this will improve our performance both at home and in work. You need to know that with a healthy body and spiritual person will be eager in the work to be better than yesterday, and more focused in living a brighter future.

Raise awareness

Another benefit of healthy living is to help raise awareness and always good mood. The study results suggest that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of healthier eating arrangements, regular exercise, adequate rest and obedient worship of God. So this can make the brain and body healthier. The good impact, the process of thinking more smoothly and more happy and calm mood undergo life problems.

Boost the immune system

The right healthy lifestyle can keep you from the risk of contracting dangerous diseases. Eating healthy foods will make the metabolism and immunity in the body run better and maximum. The organs of the body will receive a uniform nutritional intake so that all the organs of the body can work well. The result, the body is more healthy and not susceptible to various diseases that harm.

Maximize Stamina

Healthy food and enough exercise will help improve the balance of stamina and energy in the body. With regular exercise and adequate rest can help maximize metabolism in the body more leverage. The body will have sufficient energy supply to carry out daily activities.

Extend Age

Other benefits of a healthy lifestyle can be known from the high life expectancy. For example, try to visit the countryside or the mountains where most of the residents apply healthy living by eating processed produce from the soil without any preservatives, in addition they also work using a lot of energy, up and down the mountain and on foot. Although they are over 50 years old, but they all remain strong undergoing the strenuous activity, unlike urban residents, aged 50 years and over have many affected by sharing various diseases, this is due to unhealthy lifestyles and urban instantaneous.

Healthy lifestyle benefits not only felt in terms of physical alone, this will have a positive impact for the human spirit as well. As busy as we work in urban areas, it’s good to apply a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, exercise and adequate rest. Because with a healthy lifestyle will greatly support our daily performance activities. Healthy lifestyle is not difficult to apply, with discipline you can begin to apply a healthy lifestyle of small things first. Busy work and busy activities does not mean we do not have time to implement a healthy lifestyle.



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