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Crescent moon

Crescent moon

Crescent moon

Crescent moon
I hope to write
the most beautiful thing
between saprolites
or on the sidelines of limonite
dark night befriended

sparkling stars
did not make me go out
did not make me hopeless
Hang in there
and keep challenging

what has been accustomed
what has been cultivated
and this is what the story aspires to

red sandy soil
why should wet
do not mind the exca
this is just a natural whistle
do not easily quell
keep waiting for the rain
because of it the beginning of life

Marombo, sultra. 091013
Posted by Aru Jayawardhana at 8:31 PM Thursday, March 27, 2014
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Bulan Sabit

bulan sabit
kuharap dapat menulis
hal indah yang terbesit
diantara saprolit
atau disela-sela limonit
dimalam gelap berteman sakit

cahaya bulan
gemerlap bintang
tak membuatku padam
tak membuatku putus harapan
tetap bertahan
dan tetap menantang

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Jarwo #1

Jarwo #1 kereta kencana

Berkata-kata tentang dunia cinta

Dahaga sebagai anak kedua

Entah apa yang ada dipikiranya

Sabar dan sabar

Tidak dipagar

bukankah tak terbayar

Apa yang ternyata vulgar



Sudah satu masa

Kawan lama tak bercerita

Kisah perjaka

Atau kisah-kisah duda perkasa

dan Semua tau

Apa itu kangguru

loncat kesana denganmu

hingga loncat kesini

Bertemu dengannya

dalam sebuah kisah dan cerita


By: jarwo



The chariot wheel

Speaks about the world of love

Think as a second child

I do not know what’s on his mind

Be patient and patient

Not fenced

does not pay off

What turned out to be vulgar



It’s been a time

My old friend did not tell me

The story of a virgin

Or tales of mighty widowers

and All know

What is a kangaroo

jump there with you

until the jump

Meet him

in a story and story

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For, aku seorang binatang jalang

For, aku seorang binatang jalang

For, I’m a bitch
For you, I’m a bitch
A periphery poet
Life in rebellion
In the days before and after independence
Together with young men with God
Ready to die for justice
Ready died for a victory
Ready die for a glory

Thousands of resistance
Millions with thought
Millions with a machete
Millions with blood sacrifices
Millions with irreplaceable lives

I’m a bitch
Longest alone in the bed rest
Live a thousand years in peace
Leaving a thousand words of struggle
And not obsolete by leadership

Where there is oppression
That’s where your words incite rebellion
Where there is injustice
That’s where your writing is read
To simply ignite the struggle
For a mere forgotten soul burner
From the thirsty youth of learning
And of the generation who forgot about blood and sanctity
Because you’re a bitch
Your verses will not go out on the tombstone
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PADAM (kurt #3)

PADAM (kurt #3)

“OFF” (kurt # 3)

One-third full
I woke up in the first third of the night
And I heard the strains from Metallica
Stops the voice of death and suffering
Sung the world’s black red verses
Reminds me of old friends
Companions between wounds and sorrow
Friends while the embers are on fire
Comrade when red is smoldering

I could stand silent in a quiet corner
Among the images and notes that have not died
Looking at memories that never come back
In my long daydream stand alone
And you are not a fairy or a lover
I will not remember you in every dream
While asleep not covered with legs
Until the eyes open and do not come back

Why do not you walk anymore
Stopping the pace of life
Leaving me alone in the struggle
I do not know when I miss
Shouts – shouts in dreams that Read more

pen (pena)

pen (pena)


For pen’s sake
And for the sake of black ink
And a piece of paper that faithfully accompanied him
This meaningless word does not last long
Because his words came out of a venomous tongue
Unexpected and unnoticed
Ends faded, goes out and is gone extinct

Read each written reading
Study each painted passage
This reading was not created mystically
Because this reading is realistic
Not a romantic reading
And not a reading for those who are atheists

These words are eternal
When a pen is dancing
In the ink droplets that always pursue
On paper lying alone
A combination of black and white
Eternal, until all die

If the pen and ink are not created
What is the meaning of a life
Until words can not be written
And writing can not be described
Lost with wind and solitude
Dark like a night without star and moon raysRead more