The leaves are verdant
Gives you freshness
To the eye that looked
Swung up and down
The wind
Illuminated morning sun
Interrupted twigs and roots
After the rain last night

Spread the quiet wavy beach
Dreaming in every corner
Between the sky and the sea
And it seems to be drifting
What comes across the daydream
And what comes to mind

Sea shelf
Lush forest misty
Spoil everything that goes
Through the bend
Mourn the ramp
and precedes the descendants
Long journey
Down the fishing villages
Visit the merchant villages
and sometimes stop at the farm
Indonesian people like smile
and children of adventurous nations
To simply enjoy the ocean
or just enjoy the mountains
Bounded trans-Sulawesi roads

Dampala-Morowali, 091213
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Dedaunan yang menghijau
Memberikan kesegaran
Bagi mata yang memandang
Mengayun naik turun
Tertiup …

in the name of the Public – atas nama Rakyat

in the name of the Public

Right and left
What a meaning
What a country
When crazy or sick
When independent or narrow

Local thugs
Sometimes smart sometimes stunned
Stunned with stupidity
And a fool with wickedness
Arrogant with regionalism
Stupid with politeness

Thugs are not thugs if they are polite
Officials are not officials if depraved
On behalf of the people
On behalf of the poor
The families themselves are heavy
Heavy treasure and world
From the sale of the name
On behalf of the people and the poor
And forbidden to piss here except Dogs

Morowali-Sulteng, 161213
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atas nama Rakyat

Kanan dan kiri
Apalah sebuah arti
Apalah sebuah negri
Saat gila atau sakit
Saat merdeka ataupun sempit

Preman-preman lokal
Kadang cerdas kadang bengal
Bengal dengan ketololan
Dan tolol dengan kefasikan
Sombong dengan …