Assemblies, Football, And Serena Arms

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Personally, I have lasting injuries from things method tamer than football. My knee is probably tousled forever, or until I get surgical procedure, as a result of I was kicking a soccer ball around. My shoulder is the same as a result of I was performing some exercises. Football is just not probably the most dangerous factor in the world, but the way you proceed to discuss it depicts it as such. People are injured each single day. It is a reality of life. We are not invincible. But we aren’t totally weak and vulnerable both. Our our bodies have been made to be able to work, to take damage.

Definately football. But then guess I …

Lamp of Death

This darkness arrived without any interest
Comes at 300,000 km / sec
Close your eyes and fingers are tapering
In a meaning wrapped in a beautiful story

The air in the cramped space is adorned
Forced to stop a wish
Closing and shackling the mind
For a while on another occasion
Wet the sweat and upset in every journey

Will the hands, eyes, mind be silent here
After the body is not protected the heavenly winds
Anesthetized the sting of the sunlight
Accompanied by great hearted dances
The beauty of the lights keeps on dying
Here. . .
In a narrow space of footwear and PC

TSA-Jkt, Tuesday, 12: 51-170309
Posted by Aru Jayawardhana at 12:40 AM Wednesday, February 17, 2010
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Lamp of Death

Kegelapan ini tiba tanpa ada yang menarik
Datang dengan kecepatan 300.000 km/detik
Memejamkan mata dan jari jemari yang lentik
Dalam sebuah makna …

Laga & Petualangan

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Kurt #2

Yek. . . ! ! !
The last call to a friend
When walking around ignore
The view is straight toward certainty
Did not hear the shouting
Alone leave the reality
Towards one truth
And all back to HIM

Here. . . the reality of bitter life
When I started my own
No lover to accompany
When I stood alone
Many people hate
When I reflect
The world seems to be dead
And all this seems meaningless
Because I understand the true friend

I remembered. . .
All vomit uncertainty
Spread the poetic noise
I threw away all the anger
I erased all the sadness
Grudge all despair
I burned all the disappointments
And I destroyed all the pride of the world
Only with you
Friends, Friend, My True Companion

Now. . .
In the afternoon, March 26, 2007
After that last call
I turned the noise away from him…